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ROLE: Computational Designer

SOFTWARE: Rhino, Grasshopper, Lumion

"Employing a full array of regenerative design strategies, this master plan transforms an urban wasteland into a model city for sustainable living.  Located on a 360-acre site on the outskirts of Incheon, South Korea, Confluence City is a mixed-use sustainable development designed to regenerate the biological life and natural beauty that existed before this area’s wetlands were drained and the property was used for manufacturing soda ash. The master plan defines six districts, each with an urban function and a distinct natural feature. The districts flow from one to the next—like water from the city toward the sea. They are unified by two important urban elements: the Green Current and the Aqua Promenade.

The dynamic architectural forms of Block One’s 35- to 58-floor residential and mixed-use towers are inspired by the water language of their seaside site.  The Wave towers emerge from the ground like cresting currents of fritted glass. Their fluid, four-story bases roll up toward green roofs with offices and conference areas housed within. The Estuaries, three daring mixed-use structures, burst forth from the earth like waters of an artesian spring. Their latticed steel structures form a rippling surface above a shared plaza and retail podium. As visitors look up through soaring glass ceilings, they see the buildings’ facades undulate toward the sky. The Water and Tidal towers provide bright, naturally ventilated homes for Confluence City’s residents. Each unit has a three-season terrace that provides a majestic view of the mountains or the coast."

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